School Day

School Day

School Day

Total number of hours in school each week 
Total  Lunch break 
Nursery   15 hours or 33 hours 20 minutes 40 minutes
Reception   31 hours 40 minutes 60 minutes
Y1 – Y6   32 hours 30 minutes 50 minutes

Nursery / Pre-Nursery

Morning Session 8.30 am – 11.30 am
Afternoon Session 12.10 pm – 3.10 pm


Doors Open 8.40 am
Lunch Break 11.45 am -12.45 pm
School Finish 3.00 pm

Year 1 to Year 6

Doors Open 8.40 am
School Finish 3.10 pm

Breakfast Club & Afterschool Club

We run a breakfast club from 8am every morning for Reception to Y6 pupils.

Afterschool club provides childcare until 5pm each day. Please apply for a place using the downloadable form.

Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club

Please collect a booking request form from the school office or print our downloadable form, if you require a place at our breakfast club or afterschool club.

We are only able to offer a limited number of places due to staffing ratios so priority will be given to working parents who require the place(s) for childcare purposes.

Please note: the clubs are open to pupils from Reception to Year 6 only (not including nursery due to the higher staffing ratios needed).

As much as we want to be as helpful and accommodating as possible for all our families, our clubs are not one-off or adhoc services and we need to know set days or patterns to be able to logistically manage bookings and payments.

Breakfast Club (8am start)

Children enter directly through the hall doors.

Cereal, toast and fruit is offered as well as a drink.

Cost: £1.00 per session per child.

Afterschool Club (until 5pm)

Children are collected from their classes by afterschool club staff and taken to the hall where a range of activities and a light snack are on offer. Collection is from the hall door.

Cost: £2.00 per session per child.

At present, fees can be paid weekly via ParentPay, at the school office or via the class teacher.

From September 2023, the clubs will be completely cashless and the only option will be to pay via ParentPay.


To avoid accumulating debt, failure to pay fees for more than two weeks will result in the place being lost.

Allocation of places:

By completing the booking request form, this DOES NOT mean you have a place as we often have a waiting list. You will receive written confirmation from the club manager if a place can be offered and a further registration form will need to be completed before a start date can be agreed.

Your child will not be automatically given a place, even when one becomes available; additional needs and behaviour will be taken into consideration beforehand as 1-1 staffing is not available.

Clubs – Request a place form