Enhanced Mainstream School

Enhanced Mainstream School

Enhanced Mainstream School

Rosebrook is an Enhanced Mainstream School (EMS) which means we are a mainstream primary school with additional facilities to support children whose primary need is Communication and Interaction.

Most children with special educational needs will have their needs met in one of the mainstream classes.

Some children, who have (or be in the process of obtaining) an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) may be eligible for a place in our EMS.  Places are assessed on an individual basis via an application to the ONE Point Panel, made up of representatives from the Stockton SEND & Inclusion team.  The provision is partly-funded, supported and reviewed by Stockton Local Authority, but is run and managed by Rosebrook Primary School staff.

We call our EMS The Hub and most children within it have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  It is acknowledged that every child is entitled to access the National Curriculum but that children with autism may well require highly individualised planning to meet their needs.  Our two main teaching spaces (known as Ebony and Nutmeg) are designed to meet both play-based and formal styles of learning. Children have access to both areas depending on individual development and need.

The unique pattern of thinking and social behaviour displayed by children with ASD is respected at all times. We recognise children with ASD experience developmental difficulties relating to social interaction, communication and flexibility of thinking, and seek to help them address these difficulties whilst supporting their individual needs. Our sensory room and soft play area provide opportunities for emotional regulation, occupational therapy and quiet time.  Additional sessions such as developing fine motor skills and turn-taking are implemented alongside the curriculum and are adapted to suit the needs of the children.

The aim is to provide a social as well as an academic learning experience. We encourage children in our hub to have contact with their typically developing peers as well as being encouraged to forge friendships within the provision wherever possible.  They are encouraged to transition into their parallel mainstream classes for elements of the timetable, depending on their strengths and interests. Staff across school have additional training specific to working with children with communication and interaction needs and autism.

We believe successful education is a partnership between home and school.

Our aims:

  • To help each child to cope with and overcome the additional barriers to learning they face.
  • To help each child to develop the thinking skills to enable him/her to learn as independently as possible and be an active participant in his/her own learning.
  • To create a positive, safe, secure and caring environment.
  • To encourage each child to develop effective communication, social and independence skills and to achieve his/her full potential.
  • To develop strengths and attributes.
  • To enable each child to be and feel part of the ‘school community’.
  • To prepare older children for secondary education.


More information about being an EMS in Stockton can be found here: