Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Rosebrook Primary School Vision and Values

Here at Rosebrook, we share the vision that “we can be whatever we dream”.

Our DREAM Core Values underpin our ambitious vision for every child and member of staff.  We believe each and every one of us can be a happy, respectful, successful citizen by understanding how to develop these personal qualities and beliefs: DETERMINATION, RESPECT, ENTHUSIASM, AMBITION, GROWTH MINDSET.

Our core values are central to our beliefs, which are shared, understood and demonstrated by every member of our school community.

Our recently introduced House System is based on the principle that children, staff, and parents can work together as an extended family to achieve more than originally thought possible. By being part of a House, we want each person to learn the value of teamwork within the larger school community, ensuring that Rosebrook is a place that promotes team spirit, security, support and friendship.

The idea of star constellations came about after consultation with the public, then our staff.  The final say went to our School Council: the Rosebrook Imagineers.  It was decided to combine our two favourite ideas: animals and star constellations.

Why constellations you might ask?  They represent what can be achieved when stars work together.

Individually we shine, but together, we create something that shines much brighter.

The selection of star constellations as House names also aims to extend pupils’ knowledge beyond what is already known. Furthermore, they link to the name of our Multi-Academy Trust, Ad Astra, meaning “to the stars”.

The Trust’s strapline “stars in the making” reflects an ambitious vision within each school community that every child and every staff member can be the best that they can be.


The Five Houses of Rosebrook

Ursa Major

The determination of Ursa Major, the Great Bear, allows it to overcome any obstacle in its track. This beast symbolises strength and tenacity, and with these qualities, anything is possible.


Soaring majestically through the skies, Aquila the Eagle commands respect, but also reminds us of its fragility as an endangered species. It cries out the need for respecting the planet, each other and ourselves.


Draco the Dragon is an energetic and fiery creature who ignites passion and a zest for life. It is the perfect symbol of enthusiasm and motivation.


Pegasus the Flying Horse is a striking, mythical creature; a symbol of inspiration and ambition. It reminds us that if we aim high, and shine bright, we can be whatever we dream!


Leo the Lion is a symbol of positivity and strength – of both body and mind. Leo reminds us that by being positive, resilient and having a growth mindset, we can face any challenge we encounter.


At Rosebrook, we dream!

We are determined, respectful, enthusiastic, ambitious and we are developing a growth mind-set. These are our core values.